Commercial Internet Services 


- Slave Lake Area, Wabasca, and Red Earth -

Our service is "line of sight" technology provided through a series of towers and a radio that is installed at your location. This technology is a great substitute for more rural/remote areas that are under-served, or don't qualify for standard High Speed Internet services from other providers.

- Custom Package Solutions - No Contracts - No Data Overages - No Cancellation Fees -

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Wireless Internet Set Up Sniper.png


Slave Lake Area - $320 Installation Deposit + $30 Travel Fee

Wabasca & Red Earth - $320 Installation Deposit + $80 Travel Fee

Installation fees are paid upfront as a deposit until we are on site and able to obtain a strong signal. If we are unable to - the deposit will be reimbursed in full! 

Extra charges may apply for slip ups, towers, extended cable etc. or under special circumstances - an alternative quote may be required for installation fees.


Internet Packages 

BIZ - Connect 120

$120 / month 

7 Mbps down / 1.5 Mbps up 

300 GB of data usage 

BIZ - Connect Office

Starting at $375 / month 

5, 6, or 7 Mbps symmetrical feed

Free Static IP & Unlimited data usage

BIZ - Connect Pro Plus

Cost and speeds as per quote 

Free Static IP and/or dedicated feed

Unlimited data usage

We can network this service to oilfield camps, hotels, and mills with the cost determined on an individual basis. BIZ - Connect Pro Plus is our licensed frequency package with no interference, no downtime, no sharing, and speeds based on your request!

Cambium Networks is a market-leading supplier of wireless broadband devices, which helps our customers and partners communicate more reliably, effectively and expansively. Our product portfolio encompasses a comprehensive family of solutions based on our time-tested and performance-proven Orthogonal Systems Point-to-Point (PTP) and Canopy Point-to-Multipoint (PMP) technologies.

Sniper Communications has been a Cambium partner since their inception in 2011. With their product lineup and platform, we can design and deploy wireless networks that meet your requirements.